UiPath Activity Feeds - Need Help ASAP, Please!

Trying to figure out the best way to customize Studio, given that we have a few custom activity packages in our feeds.

I initially tried setting up a Studio “custom feed” in Manage Packages, pointing to a shared file location that all our developers have access to. This works great for Studio, but unfortunately, if I understand correctly, I am still going to have to move that custom feed MANUALLY to the Orchestrator feed in order for it to be used on other robots, as it will not be pushed there automatically when the project is published… is that correct?

My second thought was, instead of a custom feed pointing to a shared network drive, creating a custom feed that instead points to the Orchestrator feed directly (https://orchestrator.xxx.com/nuget/activities)… in this way, we would only have to install the custom activities in the Orchestrator feed; Studio could then use the same activities by importing from Orchestrator.

Does this make sense? Any/all feedback on these questions would be hugely appreciated! We’re getting ready to do an upgrade in the coming days, and I really need to iron out these issues before then… thanks in advance, everyone!

For a little extra clarification, we are testing with 18.2.3; I understand the Studio feeds in that version are a little different than what the 18.3 and up documentation shows… when I install Studio, even if it’s connected to Orchestrator, the only feeds that populate are “Local” and “Gallery” by default.