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I am building custom activity. How to design/Style activity in VS2019 using Uipath Activity Creator. I want to add Input file control-like clicking on button it will take to file manager.(like input excel file)

Kindly help

Hi !
I am not sure to understand, are you asking how to have input elements in the activities ?
If I understood well, when you open UiPath Studio, on the right you have several choices (Process, Framework, … and Library). Click on Library, and inside your project, if you add arguments, when publishing your project it will become an input of your custom activity.

@Hiba_B Thanks for the reply. But I am not looking for that. My question is on designing of activities in VS 2019 using Uipath Activity Creator.

Oh I see, then someone else might answer better

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The following is my blog post about activity creator and it contains content for file path control.
Unfortunately, as it’s Japanese page, please use auto translate service to get it.

Hope this helps you.



@Yoichi Thanks! But I am geeting highlighted elemeent too small.

Ok By editing the properties of FilePathControl.xaml from shared folder we can achieve this. Thank you so much

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