UiPath Activation


I’ve been using UiPath for over 6 months. I rebuilt my computer today and downloaded UiPathStuid.exe (requested the file by entering my email and double clicking on the URL inside the message sent to my mail). I activated it and got the Chrome browser screen saying UiPath has been successfully installed. I also install (and enabled) the UiPath extension in Chrome. I have two issues…

  1. UiPath doesn’t recognize Chrome, even though the extension is installed (don’t care too much about this problem right now - I think it’s an artifact of issue #2 - I need to get issue #2 fixed before issue #1).

  2. Every time I invoke UiPath it asks me to reactive it with my email address (I’ve even tried the manual activation - got the browser screen saying I was successful, but after I exit and click on UiPathStuid.exe, I once again have to active it with my email.)

This hasn’t ever happened before. What activation file am I missing on my computer so that UiPath knows it’s been activated?




Try to delete the files in folder License. let us know if that’s solves your problem.



My license folder is found in C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\UiPath\License. Is this the correct location?

I deleted the three files per these screenshots

but it’s still asking me to activate UiPath every time I use it.

I’m also getting a error that the firefox extension isn’t installed when the following screenshot shows it is…

UiPath Issue - Failed To Start


thanks, just bear with me ! we will fix this.

Ok, once I had to delete it two times, first close UiPath and delete the files, then run UiPath. please.



I have made minor progress.

When I want to use UiPath I had been executing the UiPathStudio.exe I downloaded from the UiPath site out of the directory:

C:\Users\Me\Documents\My Stuff\Software\UiPath.

I didn’t realize the UiPathStudio.exe file I downloaded installs UiPath and can execute UiPath.

When I execute UiPath from the file UiStudio.exe in the folder


I get a different version of UiPath.

How and where should the UiPath application and the correct UiPath exe be located on my system?


Thanks for your help…

Now I can’t install UiPath from the downloaded UiPathStudio.exe

I get an error:

Here the PDF of the log file:

2016.pdf (1.8 MB)


:dizzy_face: Ok, delete the entire uipath folder if you have uninstall it, restart your computer and install uipath again please.

besides I see that the address is different


I see that the pdf states that is the user that is logged in is Fritz and you are saying " C:\Users\ Me\ "



Hi beesheep,

Thanks for all your help. I solved my problem, but now have “damaged”, non-function xaml.

Yes, I know the folder paths are different. I intentionally edited ME into the path name I used in my public email for obscurity reasons. (Security by obscurity)

The error with the repeating license was because I continued to use UiPathStudio.exe to get into the UiPath application. I answered the question I asked in one of my first posts – UiPathStudio.exe installs UiPath and executes UiPath. So every time I ran it I’d install a new version and it required a new activation process.

I should only run UiPathStudio.exe once and after the initial time run UiStudio.exe found in the C:\Users.xxx\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-xxx

Now I need to resolve the loading errors for previously written workflows…

Thanks again for your help…


I fixed my damaged xaml issue. I forgot that I had to install the extra libraries. Installed them and everything works perfect.

I didn’t see the documentation for loading and running UiPath (and installing the extra libraries), can you send it to me?



Awesome man!!! you are very smart, seriously! here is post about installing activities