UiPath activation problems for attended license


I’ve got problems with authenticating attended licenses without interactive login.

On a server with dynamic domains/hosts, to prevent the need for manually authenticating each time the UiPath Robot is started, a script (which includes the machine key for the personal workspace machine of the user with an attended license) for authentication is implemented to run each time UiPath starts. This was working fine.

Now another person wants to use this attended license. This is why I wanted to change the old machine key in the script with a new machine key generated for the new user, but the generated personal workspace machines do not contain machine keys anymore in the latest Orchestrator versions. I would like to know how it is currently possible to authenticate the Robot to Orchestrator for attended purposes using scripts without having to authenticate through interactive login. I found something about client id + client secret, but those are also not available in personal workspace machines and seem to be intended for unattended use.

In short:

How can I make the connection between UiPath Orchestrator and the UiPath Robot for attended purposes using scripts with the use of machine key (so no interactive login)?

Try to change the authentication method for your Attended robots from Interactive Sign-In SSO to Hybrid in Orchestrator → Tenant → Settings → Robot Security or Security

If you have the Interactive Sign-In SSO grayed out, this means you are using the User License Management feature. In that case, you can disable it from Admin → Settings → Advanced and retry the above and then you can try to use the Machine Key connection for Attended robots.

Let us know if this helped.

Hi Marian,

Thanks for your answer. I’ve these settings already set on Hybrid.

However, Machine keys are not available anymore in Orchestrator. As I understand the way to authenticate without interactive login is using Client ID + Client Secret, but they only seem to be available on machine templates. I’m not sure how to grant a machine template an attended license. The personal workspace machines don’t seem to have a Client ID + Client Secret.

I’m able to connect to the orchestrator with Client ID + Client Secret using the command prompt, but still not able to authenticate an attended license.

So how do I authenticate UiPath Assistant for attended purposes using the Command Prompt without interactive sign-in, now the machine key is not available anymore?