UiPath Action Center

I have RPA scenario that requires Human In The Loop by using Orchestrator Action Center. There are 2 processes needed to fulfill the scenario with following details :
Process 1 : Create multiple form task to Orchestrator
Process 2 : Retrieve the value of completed task from Orchestrator

Is there any methods to retrieve value of completed task from process 2 ?
I have tried Wait for Form and Resume activity, but it doesn’t work for separated RPA processes

Ideal usage of Create Task and Wait for Task is in paired mode in the same workflow so that one can benefit from automatic mapping of IN/OUT and OUT arguments from the form back to the workflow once the workflow is resumed without any JSON handling

However, if your scenario insists that another process has to retrieve task data values, as long as you have task IDs for which one need to wait for, could just create task object by instantiating new FormTaskData(,“folder path optional”), use this in Wait for Task in any workflow and start this another workflow that will get resumed upon Task completion by the user.
Alternatively, your second workflow can use APIs to get all tasks completed during a time frame Actions Requests

and in both cases, you will need to use API GET /forms/TaskForms/GetTaskDataById to read Task Data JSON that will contain data input by the user.

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Is it possible to use Action Center without an orchestrator?

We have a new action center portal ( Actions within Automation cloud) , where end users can access actions that they need to handle. However, Orchestrator is a pre-requisite for this feature to work end to end.


Is it possible to retrieve the ‘DocumentClassificationActionData’ object by instantiating with TaskID?

I have a use case where I need to continue processing documents instead of waiting for human to verify.

I tried to use the following expression:
New UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities.Actions.Model.DocumentClassificationActionData(72438) but it doesn’t appear the constructor is set up to accept the TaskID.

Any ideas?


Facing similar issues to you @dmdeav12 . Did you ever find a workaround to this?