UiPath Action Center Understanding

I am getting confused while using Action Center for the first time

  1. "Create Document Validation " and “Present Validation Station” - are both of these part of Action Center ?

  2. In which situation when to use which ?


The Create Document Validation activity outputs an action object returned by Orchestrator. This action object should be passed in as an input to the Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume activity. You use this for Unattended automations and the Actions may be reviewed by the human users at a later time in the Action Center.

While the Present Validation Station activity outputs an ExractionResult variable and is used when doing an Attended automation as it literally opens a Validation Station and shows (presents) it to the user. You use this to let users review and correct automatically extracted data from files, or manually process files for data extraction real-time.

Hope this helps!

If in unattended automation I skip “Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume” , then what will happen and if I use ?
For both the scenarios


It’s technically possible to skip Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume but then you won’t be making full use of what this feature is meant to accomplish (resume an Unattended automation that needed human action/verification in the middle).

For Attended, you don’t need Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume as Present Validation Station accomplishes that feature.


If I use this Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume , that means in Unattended Automation the bot will wait for the action Cneter to validate right ?

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@Ritaman_Baral - That is correct. There are Unattended processes that would benefit from this kind of architecture. When creating a new UiPath Studio project that includes this activity, you should select the Document Understanding Process template or go to Project Settings and activate the Supports Persistence flag.


If I don’t use this Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume then the bot will continue running right ?

@Ritaman_Baral Sure, and depending on the process you’re designing maybe that’s what you need.


Hi @Ritaman_Baral

both are different

Create Document Validation Action :
where a human reviewer or operator is involved in verifying or correcting the data extracted from a document. This action is typically taken when the automation process couldn’t confidently extract certain data points, or when there’s a need for human validation due to complex document structures, handwriting, or other factors that might introduce inaccuracies in automated data extraction.

Present Validation Station:
Basically it will use in attended mode ,after data extraction of it will be used because of users to review and we can see the each field how it will be extracted correctly or not and we can also see the ocr - confidence and confidence of each field separate separately

In which situation when to use which:

Create Document Validation Action :
when ever the pdf is having the threshold confidence less comparing to your given confidence at the time we can push this to action center for the human validation at the time we can use this

Present Validation Station:
the purpose of this is after the data extraction scope activity we can use this and review the result whether it will extracting the data or not it may not use in the Unattended Mode.

it depends on the design and programming of the bot. In most cases, if the bot is programmed to wait for a specific action like document validation and that action is not taken, the bot might continue to wait indefinitely until it receives the necessary input to proceed.

if not use it wont stop based on the design and programming of the bot you designed.

for the reference i was attaching the screenshot…

Cheers @Ritaman_Baral

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