UiPath Action Center - Feedback Space

We want to hear your feedback‌.
If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the UiPath Action Center course, please feel free to add them in this thread.

Perhaps I am missing something such as taking courses out of order, but as it stands the UiPath Academy has been a frustrating experience. This will be the feedback I leave under the surveys.

There needs to be more interactivity.

The good: The information is clear, well defined, structured in a logical manner

The (very) bad: It’s just a bunch of information. Taking these courses is the equivalent of drinking from a firehose. You’re just throwing a bunch of terms, and definitions at the user without giving them the ability to do anything. There needs to be a workshop within the web interface (not by downloading Studio X separately for just for the introduction) where a user is able to perform the tasks that are part of the course. The terms can then be defined while the user is working. The way things are setup I read for a few minutes, then watch the instructor click through a video and then answer some questions, yet if this is going to be the program I’m working with, these courses will be of very little practical use due to the nuance that comes with using any GUI.

To make an analogy, if you want to teach someone to be a carpenter you don’t first lecture them for hours about different wood types, metallurgy, and show them samples of rock that go into concrete. You give them a hammer and a nail, and show them how to hit the nail into the wood. You let them use a couple of different nails and then tell them the difference. These courses need to be structured so that people are able make the connection between information and implementation. As it is (unless I am missing something) there is currently a huge disconnect here.