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We want to hear your feedback‌.
If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the UiPath Action Center course, please feel free to add them in this thread.

Perhaps I am missing something such as taking courses out of order, but as it stands the UiPath Academy has been a frustrating experience. This will be the feedback I leave under the surveys.

There needs to be more interactivity.

The good: The information is clear, well defined, structured in a logical manner

The (very) bad: It’s just a bunch of information. Taking these courses is the equivalent of drinking from a firehose. You’re just throwing a bunch of terms, and definitions at the user without giving them the ability to do anything. There needs to be a workshop within the web interface (not by downloading Studio X separately for just for the introduction) where a user is able to perform the tasks that are part of the course. The terms can then be defined while the user is working. The way things are setup I read for a few minutes, then watch the instructor click through a video and then answer some questions, yet if this is going to be the program I’m working with, these courses will be of very little practical use due to the nuance that comes with using any GUI.

To make an analogy, if you want to teach someone to be a carpenter you don’t first lecture them for hours about different wood types, metallurgy, and show them samples of rock that go into concrete. You give them a hammer and a nail, and show them how to hit the nail into the wood. You let them use a couple of different nails and then tell them the difference. These courses need to be structured so that people are able make the connection between information and implementation. As it is (unless I am missing something) there is currently a huge disconnect here.


The course is informative, clear with product motive. The multiple choice is fine, this is good in terms of business people, but as in developer perspective this course needs to be more practical. However, as a developer, I would deeply love to do practical actions with a problem statement end to end flow of how business process created first which reads creates items in action center then how it resumes and completes the rest of process.
This is my understanding so far
ie. dispatcher A creates queue items in Q1, performer fetches transaction item from Q1, first item needs human validation so item created in action center, and this transaction is in-progress. Now this VM/Robot is kept hold. what happens to the rest transaction items. will they be processed only when the current item is done?

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Hi UIpath,

It gives just an overview of Action Centre. Why can’t some example scenarios be included and in between paused for a quiz and then continue…which will make learning interesting…

Multiple choice questions are good but some practical scenario based video quiz can also be included.


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Hi Priya,

To answer your query on,
If 1st transaction item is waiting for human validation then will bot be kept on hold till the first item is validated and what happens to the rest transaction items. will they be processed only when the current item is done?

Ans: No bot will not be kept on hold till the validation is received for the first transaction. Bot will assign action of validating the transaction to human for first transaction and move to next transaction. It will keep doing the same till all transactions in queue are processed from its end and assigned for human validation.

Now you may get a question what if any other actions are required to be done by bot after validation and approval of transactions?

Ans: After processing all the transactions in queue and assigning the action to Human for validation and approval, bot will wait for the action of validation and approval from human to be completed and once action is completed bot will perform remaining task for each transaction in queue and complete the process.

One more query may occur on what will happen to bot until the transactions are approved by human? Will bot keep on consuming license in this wait period? Can bot run any other process which is schedule meanwhile or will that process go on hold?

Ans: Bot will reactivate the process only after human action is completed for the transaction related to the process. Bot will not consume license in this waiting period thus if any other process is scheduled meanwhile, Bot will execute that process in priority and after finishing that process if Human action is completed for 1st process related transactions bot will pick the remaining task for first process from the queue.

Hi Tudor,

I have some suggestions related to Action Center new features:

  1. Once bot assign action to human for validation or approval, Can we add any feature to send email alert to the Human for reminder purpose for their due action?
    Note: This feature should be used only after all the queue items related actions are assigned to Human not for each item.

  2. Can we add a feature of customize output report in which user can add columns related to data extracted from fields along with status related to them?