UiPath Action Center and Orchestrator Reload

Hi all,

Over the past two days, we have started getting the Session Expired error pop up, now this is a problem because users in AC are complaining that the information already filled in the form gets clear every time the system reloads.

I just wanna know what could be the possible cause of this issue and could it be a bug in cloud automation?

@Nithinkrishna , please see below:

Any screenshot please @SenzoD ?

Happening to me as well…annoying…looks to trigger ~30 minutes…


Looks weird, not sure if something got updated on cloud. Is that still occuring ?

Yes still happening ~every 30 minutes in Action Center. Any settings to lengthen the duration? Or better yet, disable altogether?

@loginerror Kindly for your check once please.

Nithin, please elaborate on your last post.