Uipath access to business owner

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new on UiPath forum so if i placed the question in the wrong category, i apologise in advance.

I have an unattended robot which runs a process that gathers info from Outlook. Each mail is transformed in a transaction item. We receive messages everyday from the business departament regarding the status of the queue items ( when will the robot finish a specific transaction ). To combat this issue and to provide them with some control over the flow, i’ve thought of the following:

  • provide them view access to Orchestrator but i believe it is too complicated for them ( not tech people )

  • use the orchestrator api to retrieve the queue items and create an application which displays the transactions ( smth similar to a fast food restaurant which shows the next order and the ones that are in pending )

Is there any other way? I’m open to suggestions. I hope i made myself clear.

Thanks for the support. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can use UiPath apps as well and share the app across


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