UIpath Academy-Orhestrator learning vedios are outdated

Dear Team,
Since almost every week a new product of orchestrator is coming up and it is really affecting the confidence of learner. more over if we are depending on academy all practices and videos are outdated and it is not par with the new orchestrator product. all learning videos are with old version and i am not able to find any official videos which explain the apollo version. Please help me with where i can identify this learning.
Thanks in advance
Jyothi Sajith

Hi @Jyothilekshmi_menon

The Apollo Orchestrator has gone live only recently and the updated training material should be on its way when the new Orchestrator training is released on Academy.
Meanwhile, aside from academy, there are other resources that can help with the latest and greatest from UiPath.
UiPath forum, as always, is one of those resources. Check out this detailed post on changes brought to Cloud Orchestrator in Apollo version: