UiPath Academy Not Functioning

UiPath Academy seems to be down image

Hello @Howard_Jake ,

You still have this issue?
I verified, with 3 browsers, for me it is working OK.

Also, in order to verify if a service is down, here is the status page:
UiPath Status



I have the same issue. Using Microsoft login. More than 1 week.

I have tried clearing cache and cookies.

I am afraid is related with Microsoft login. I have request support to UIPath, no answer.

How can I switch my account from Microsoft authentication to basic one? I missing my course, stacked in this situation.

Kind regards,


I was able to get mine to work by clearing all browsing info and use continue with email to log in but many of my coworkers are still experiencing the problem. When they try using the email log in and forgot password link the system is not sending them the reset password email.