uiPath academy advanced training problem

I have my assigment nº 1 working perfectly on my computer, by the time I upload it on the page it says that is completly incorrect (0/100), a partner saw that my project works perfectly so she gave me her project that was accepted a while ago, and it doesn’t take it either, suggestions?


Don’t reset ACME system data until system evaluated your workflow. Make sure you zip all related files and uploaded it. And also don’t use any external file references and don’t hard code any values.

I get my login credentials from my Orchestrator, do I have to keep it on while they are evaluating my workflow?

No need. System will check our coding standards and exception handling and final output etc…

the only requierements are to keep the work items without reseting after working with them and having the same username/password in ACME and uiPath academy, correct?

Another thing that I just remembered, when I first launched my project it asked me for username and password, the project is using those to connect to ACME whenever the connection with the Orchestrator is not avaliable, this username and password are not the same that I have on uipath academy, is that a problem? if it is, is there any way to change that?

Yes, Don’t reset the data.

we have to use same login credentials for ACME system and UiPath Academy.


Read below attached instructions:

on ACME it only let me to put email, not username, do I put the email?


Both Academy and ACME systems Email id’s are same ?

use same email id one you used in Academy.uipath.com

@anon36905250 Just check whether you are generating proper hash values as a single space or incorrect character can make it all go wrong…

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