UiPath & ABBYY Framework Demo

I am using UiPath and Abbyy to extract data from attachments and then compare data extracted from attachments and data in the website.
But sometimes Abbyy didn’t extract valid and accurate data from attachment so i want to implement this method which i watch on UiPath website from UiPath.
So what i want to do is if results from Abbyy is 100% accurate then do the same process that i am doing now(compare data extracted from Abbyy and saved in CSV file with data from website) but if Abbyy results is not 100% accurate then don’t do the comparison and instead of doing comparison send to Abbyy verification station for manual verification.
I am able to send the data to Abbyy verification but it is sending all the attachments to manual verification station as i don’t know how to confirm Abbyy result is 100% accurate and don’t send for manual verification and if it is not accurate 100% then send to verification station and after verification generate the CSV.
Please refer to this video from UiPath, i want to do the same.