UiPath Abbyy Fc 12 integration - How does Machine Learning happen?

Hi, I understand that UiPath has direct integration with Abbyy Flexicapture 12 via activities such as “Classify Document”, “GetField” and so on.
Let us for a minute assume that I have 1000 documents to classify and I use UiPath. How does Abbyy FC machine learning kick in ? How does it learn ? As far as I know, If Abbyy cannot classify the document, someone has to use the Windows interface to correct/teach AbbYY FC and eventually it learns. Given this, How does this work when UiPath is in the loop ? Is it true that when I call Abbyy Classify document via UiPath, If classification fails, a human has to use the Abbyy Windows interface and teach abbyy and if classification succeeds, ofcourse nothing to learn ?
Can someone throw some light on how this is done ?