UiPath Abbyy Connector


I am new to Abbyy to Uipath.

I am doing a POC to connect UiPath to Abbyy Distributor using Connector. I followed the steps mentioned in Admin guide and installed it successfully. Connection is made successfully from Robot to Abbyy using Connector but when input the document it give the attached error.

May be I am doing it wrong but need support from the community to see the issue.

show me how u use this activity complete with value

Here find the screen.

Project Setup Station

UiPath Connector

Connector Properties

I got same error as u but I try to ignore it because of I dont need “Verification Url”.

what u should do are

  1. change schema to be unattended
  2. wrap “UiPath Connector” by Try Catch

that error u are facing will not effect to export stage.