UiPath 2019.9 Beta is now available!

I can only say… Stay Tuned :zipper_mouth_face:




@sandeep13 hey sandeep thanks
so i can replace my existing version of studio with this ? my existing version is 2019.3 and this is 2019.10. so this is a stable release no problem will come ? ui path recommends to use this for development ? am willing to use this but at the same time i need to answer these questions to my leads and management. hence asking.

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I think @loginerror @Pablito @MirceaGrigore Could be answering these Question better


Hi @karges

2019.10 is our Long Term Support version (previous long term support version was the 2018.4).

As such, it is Enterprise ready. Of course, it is up to you to you and your organisation to decide when is the best time to upgrade.

If your are running a lot of automations already, then there are most likely procedures you should follow to first test your old automations with a new version anyway.

I would say it is worth it, because the new version is packed with a lot of new features and we would love to hear feedback from you :slight_smile:


good. thanks for the insight. Nice nick name by the way @loginerror :rofl::rofl:


one more question . i know i can go thorugh the docs for this. how about forward and backward compatibility . am sure backward compatibility should be there . but in case of forward compatibility what can we say ?
p.s https://docs.uipath.com/studio/v2019/introduction -> this url not working.

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There’s no forward compatibility after 2019.6.

Anything built in 2019.7 or higher cannot be run in 2019.6 or lower version.
Backward compatibilty is ensured.

Try this url.