UiPath 2019.5, CV recorder contains very limited functionalities?

UiPath Computer Vision contains very limited functionalities in it.
It contains only GetText, Click relative & Type Into, is it because of Community Edition or even the Licenced version has the same features?

Hi @mohd,
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There’s almost no difference between Community and Enterprise Edition. Have you seen CV activities?
If you have an idea what could be added into this please share with us.


Hi Pablito,

Thanks for the reply.
Kind of Native Citrix features

Please note that Native Citrix Recording has full access to the selectors and can see each UiElement you are clicking, texting into etc. In case of CV activities there’s no such thing. There is AI in the background analyzing your action and trying to pretend what you want to do. Mostly OCR engine is used to achieve it so not all options can be possible. For scraping such things for CV you have already option Screen Scraping. That’s why CV is the last rescue in cases when you can’y use RDP or Citrix extension.

As mentioned before, if there’s anything that you feel is missing do let us know.

Now, specifically for Screen Scraping, there are a couple of options. The easiest one is CV GetText, since that’s what screen scraping actually is. But our version is a bit different, it works natively with the anchoring mechanism. You can drag-select an area to scrape and then choose an anchor for it.

The other option is to use the existing Screen Scraper, but we feel it’s not the best approach when automating virtual machines, but if you feel otherwise, do tell.