UiPath 2019.4 updates, button pointing to wrong location


In the UiPath 2019.4 updates academy course There is a section in the Studio Agility pack part at the end of that training that has a button which should take you to the ‘variables panel’ documentation.

For me it takes me to Comparing Workflow versions.

Just thought I’d bring it to your attention so it can be repointed.



Hi @charliefik,
Thanks for information :slight_smile: I will route this case to the Academy.

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Thanks Palito

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Hi @Palito,

Sorry Just one more thing (I think)

In the orchestrator section Blob storage. There are a series of ‘cards’ that you are supposed to turn over to see the descriptions. I’m not sure but I think that probably there should be something written on the cards which you then turn over to see what it means, but the cards are actually all blank. Maybe that was the idea but I don’t think so?

Can you check how this behave on different web browser?

Hi Pablito,

Just tried with Chrome and it does work thanks. I was using the evil ‘Edge’.

Many thanks,

Sorry but this also relates to the 2019.4 updates course.
In the section regarding AI Computer vision (I’m using Stutio CE 19.7) It says to go to package manager and install the computervision package.

When I search for computervision under all there is no package. There is a vision package but that doesn’t contain activities and I don’t think is the right one as after installing I still don’t have the vision activities available.

Any ideas?

It should be there. This is the package:

I completely agree with you about the ‘should be there’ situation. As is isn’t there is there anything I can do about it?

Are you running CE 2019.7.0 also?

Yes, my version is 2019.7. Please check your feeds setting. You should have configured at least those three marked on red:
Computer Vision package is part of Official feed:

If you still don’t see it maybe something is broken in your Studio.

You genius!

Don’t know why but my Official source was unticked (I definitely didn’t untick it)
Looks like my nuget defined is unticked too (don’t know what that will sort out but will retick both of those and see what happens)

Now the computervision package is available.

Thanks very much Pablito again.

I’m always happy to help :slight_smile: :rocket:

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