UiPath 2019.10.4 version freezing observed

UiPath freezes when I perform right-click on the project (for push, rename, commit, etc function).
Can anyone help? I tried uninstalling reinstalling but still, the same problems exist. And the tool is working very fine only right-click on anything inside Project panel makes UiPath freeze(not responding). Need help guys.

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Press esc key three or four times and then try once proceeding
Cheers @Tejas

Tried not working.

Hmm is it a enterprise edition

No it is community edition 2019.10.4 latest. Rest everything works very fine only when i right click anything inside Project panel it freeze and shows not responding

Kindly install the latest version from https://platform.uipath.com under resources tab and try once
Cheers @Tejas

As I already mentioned i uninstalled and just before few moments i installed latest version. Still the same issue i found and hence i reached out.

Is it like the issue comes even in new community version of 20.2.0 beta

Cheers @Tejas

Yes in Preview version also facing same issue.