UIPATH 2018 Upgrade

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We are using a way old UIPATH version 2016 in our project and we’re planning for an upgrade to the latest version. Have a few fundamental questions regarding the same.

  1. Can we have both 2016 and 2018 versions running in parallel in a machine so we can test a copy of the existing bots in 2018 version for any compatibility issues without impacting the stable ones
  2. We have licences for 2016 version. Is there any additional licence fee for 2018 version?
  3. In case we’re directly migrating from 2016 to 2018, how long is the expected downtime considering the deprecation and forward/backward compatibility issues. Please shed some light on the risks as well.
  4. Could see StandfordNLP engine is newly integrated in UIPATH Cognitive package. I understand the server URL need to be specified in the property. What is the case with enterprise edition. Does StandfordNLP comes with a cost and if yes, how much it is?
  5. We have integrated SQL version 2012 for storing our bot metrics and reporting. I believe this SQL version is compatible with 2018 version of UIPATH Orchestrator.

Apart from the above queries, if there are any implications in this upgrade, please let me know.

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