UiPath 2018.4 Update training - the training blocked me to get to Survey page

I completed both the 2018.4 Studio Update and 2018.4 Orchestrator Update training. However, the training system blocked me to move on to the training survey page and obtained the Completion Diploma. It always complained that my Studio study just

Please see attached screenshots:

  1. UiPath Studio 2018.4 Update - completed
  2. UiPath Orchestrator 2018.4 Update - completed
  3. UiPath 2018.4 Update - Progress incorrect
  4. UiPath 2018.4 Update - Survey was blocked
  5. UiPath 2018.4 Update - Resume always to same place, not how many times I have done



Could you please try in some other browser once and check it.

Hi, Mr. Lakshman, what I posted yesterday is using Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit). I tested just now by using IE 11.1130.17134.0 and Firefox Version 71.0. All my test went to the same “Resume” page. Please see the attached screenshots.


Hi, Ganta, thanks for your response.

I tried IE/Firefox/Chrome. All of my tests will resume to the same place - Studio “Process Libraries”. I cleared the cache and closed my browsers and reopened it, but no luck.

I don’t think it is the client side (my side) issue. It is possible the server side (UiPath Training system issue).

My account for the training is (username: dkang email di.kang@gdit.com)


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Hello, Mr. Lakshman,

Not sure whether you helped me do sth. Now the 2018.4 course allowed me to complete the survey and identified me for the course completion. However, the course did NOT send me the completion Diploma.

I also did UiPath Starter (RPA Awareness) training and Business Analysis training. I took the entire trainings, passed the final quiz, and the course showed the completion page. However, I met the same problem - I could NOT get to the Survey page.


You can contact Uipath Academy support team and provide all required details.