UiParh log mearning

When we enter the path C:UsersXXXXXXXAppDataLocalUiPathLogs (%Appdata%) as shown below.

We’d like to understand the following meaning of UiPath Log

  1. UiPath.Studio.log
  2. UiPath.Studio.Project.log
  3. UiPath.Studio.Analyzer.log
  4. UiPath.Studio.DataBaseService.log


  1. UiPath.Studio.log: contains information about the Studio application itself, including startup and shutdown events, errors that occur within the application, and general diagnostic information.
  2. UiPath.Studio.Project.log: contains information about the current project being worked on in Studio, including activities that have been executed, errors that have occurred, and diagnostic information specific to the project.(Execution logs)
  3. UiPath.Studio.Analyzer.log: These contain the workflow analyzer logs or the logs when project is analyses while saving the project
  4. UiPath.Studio.DataBaseService.log: This log file contains information about the database service in Studio, which is responsible for managing connections to external databases and executing queries. This log file includes information about database connection events, query execution events, and any errors that occur during these processes.

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Thank you!!!
Do you have reference form the information ??


tried finding few, answers were more from experience

Ll try to add more references as I find more



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