UIExplorer Selector Editor - Intuitive Hierarchical Relationships - Subset View by Filtering

Hi UiPath,

It would be more interesting and intuitive if UiExplorer can place the attribute of id and parentId at the beginning of <webctrl tag in the Selector Editor panel. The current display is showing css-selector at the beginning for unselected selectors. It “clutters” the view.

To help in the visual examination and understanding of hierarchical relationship of successive parent-child selector relationships by looking at the id and parentid attribute tags. Optionally, place name, aaname, title after id and parentid. Place css-selectors and non-interesting attribute tags at the end.

Use case: find children and find ancestor activities, use in a catch of try-catch block for click/type into activity

Bonus: Even better if allows a global filtering in the Selector Editor panel and display a subset view of interesting and relevant elements or attributes.


@GreenTea , great suggestion. We will consider it.

Thank you

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