UiElement is not valid at source

Step Description:

  1. robot clicks on menu, the page gets loaded
  2. on the page there are 2 radio buttons, robot has to click one of the radio button (selector for radio button is not dynamic, I am using “aaname” to identify the radio button, not idx )

Issue Description:

Issue at step 2 “UiElement not valid at source”

In this case the moment robot reaches the click activity, immediately it throws this error. That means there is no error in identifying the element. Also this error is not consistent, bot ran successfully for 1 hr and then it throws this error. Next day it ran for 20 min and then encounter same error at same step.

After robot encounter this error, it retries from step 1 in which the page is refreshed but after page refresh also bot encounters same issue.

How to solve the issue?


Here you can try to check when it is failing the uielement try to get the selector of the particular radio button

also you can try if there is any error in selector, you can put a retry to check back the same element

you can share us the selector, so that we can suggest more

Hope this helps