UiDemo Walkthrough Assign Problem


My bad, yes you’re correct. I thought you were doing 2 for a second there. :slight_smile: good luck with assignment no 2.


Thanks for the response Bogdan! I have played around with the InitAllSettings.xaml by placing a WriteLine in both the Get Local Settings sequence, and the Try Loading Server Assets sequence, as well as at the end of the entire workflow there. In all cases the Write Line out_Config(“UiPathDemo”).ToString writes out the correct path to the UiDemo.exe. I also tried writing out other names i have in the Settings sheet like, OrchestratorQueueName and UiDemoCredential, and they both were written out correctly. So I’m sure the dictionary is getting loaded with the correct key/values, they just won’t get passed into the InitAllApplications for some reason.

EDIT: In the InitAllApplications, does the in_Config argument need to have a default value or just leave that box blank? If i leave it blank, i get the NullReference when I try to run it. If I try to put a value in there, then the workflow design area turns into an error page - see 2nd screen shot below.


Well, I had some success…
I was under the impression that we should run InitAllApplications as a standalone module for testing, and running that workflow by itself always resulted in the NullReference error. I ended up running the Main.xaml, and all went well; i.e. InitAllApplications was called, the UiDemo.exe app opened credential were entered, the main UiDemo window opened, and then my Orchestrator Queue began emptying out.
That was frustrating! On the other hand, I’ll probably never forget it :wink: And the _Test.xaml is how you test InitAllApplications (not necessarily running the Main.xaml) somehow I missed that part.


On a similar note… I’ve tried this exercise nearly for 5 times… I have still not figured out what goes wrong… UiDemoPath is added onto the config.xlsx file but still… It is not able to figure this path… I also tried hard coding the values… It did show the same as couldn’t load the asset from the location… It had given the complete path as D:\ …\ … \UiDemo.exe.

Am attaching the screen shot of the same… Please help anyone…


UiPath can’t find the UiDemo application so In Orchestrator you have to create this assets

In UiDemoPath i put the path to the UiDemo application that I have to open and I assigned this asset to a robot. This is useful because you can assign to each robot different assets, in this case we could “tell” to different robots to open different applications. If you need more details ask me.


Hi All, I am trying to understand one of the asset from the InitAllSettings.xaml from REFramework Master , i.e., AssetName= row(“Asset”).ToString How to create such asset in orchestrator?

  1. You have to login into https://platform.uipath.com/
  2. Go to assets
  3. Create asset


Getting the following error while executing the framework

“message”: “System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: mscorlib”
it is not moving to the Invoke InitAllApllication Workflow.

This is the value i provided for the dictionary while invoking UiDemo.xaml in InitAllApplication

can you help.


I have a similar error :
System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: mscorlib

Please, help



I just started with UiPath, and working on this assignment.
However not able to run the Xamls…could you please help…?

Thank you
Archana Gaur



image.png1366x768 101 KB

Open workbook activity is not displaying in activities panel.
so how to open an excel file

I follow below screen shot process. and didnt get the solution it is open but is not displaying.


image.png1366x768 110 KB

how to drag a number count automatically in a excel file .
Please help me ASAP.



Thank you for sharing the information.
I am new and did not understood the concept properly.
The task was to make the transactions being done by different robots in parallel.I added 3 queues in the Orchestrator .image

Then I added the item information in UI path studio which i added in the Orchestrator but how it is working and in the field of Queue Name image what shall I need to fill…all the 3 names or just the single name…


what is the username and password to be used to log into the UIDemo application? This info is missing in the UiDemo Walkthrough PDF in RPA Level 3 advance training material…



please check previous module to walk through 1. UiDemo Outline Lesson you can find the username and password.

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

Regards ,


Yes, thanks. It is available in the problem statement.