UiDemo Walkthrough 1.1. In Process: input arguments become null

I’m trying to reproduce the UiDemo Workthrough in the Robotic Enterprise Framework, Level 3 - Advanced Training.

In the last step, in Process Transaction in the Main file, I’m sending arguments using Invoke workflow to the Process. There I got an error, so I went into debug mode and found that “in_TransactionItem” and “in_Config” changes from the correct “value” in one step to “null” in another. No error messages seems to appear, so I wonder what might have happend? For me it looks like a bug. Using UiPath Studio 2018.3.3.

Here I use Invoke workflow and “Import Arguments”, in_TransactionsItem and in_Config appears as they should. (Pressing “Step Into” between each image) Moving to “Process”, in_TransactionItem and in_Config still appears as they should. I’ve double clicked on in_TransactionItem to see more details about the content. One step further both in_Transaction and in_Config has turned to “null”.

Thanks for help!

In the Invoke Workflow Activity, Click on Import Arguments and assign the values of IN arguments.

Update: Trying to debug, I’ve changed the “Import Arguments” in Invoke workflow to Out and In/Out without any sucess. But when I now change it back to In (as it was from the beginning), the arguments turns to null just as I move into the Process (that is one step earlier than before). Is there something wrong with the Invoke workflow activity?

Now I got help from the UiPath support. Here was the problems:

  • In ProcessTransaction I’ve named two variables with the same name as the arguments I was passing through Invoke workflow (in_TransactionItem and in_Config).
    • Solution: By renaming the variables to for example TransactionItem1 and Config1 the new variables achieved the correct values.

What I take with me from this: when passing an argument to another process, make sure assigning the arguments to variables with different name from the arguments.

Cred to the UiPath support who solved the issue!


Can anyone please help me with this, I am in this Process.xaml file created flowchart.
but then I am unable to understand this following things. kindly help thanks in advance.

• We need to check if the input data is valid, and if every value is a number. o To that end, we can use the Double.TryParse method, and then store the results as Double variables. o Use a Flow Decision activity and set the condition to Double.TryParse(CashIn, dbl_CashIn) AND Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck, dbl_OnUsCheck) AND Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck,dbl_NotOnUsCheck). o If it’s invalid, let’s use a Throw activity with a new BusinessRuleException object as the Exception property, as follows: new BusinessRuleException(“Input Data Invalid”). • If the Input Data is valid, add another Flow Decision to check if the value of dbl_CashIn is greater than 1000. o If it is, we use another Throw activity with a different Exception message. o If the value is less than 1000, let us use an Attach Window activity on the UiDemo main screen, three Type Into activities, and Click for the Accept button.

Hi vinutha15,

What do you mean by “unable to understand”? The page after show you a direct image of how the workflow is supposed to look like?