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Where do we create the Dispatcher sequence? Does it go into the Reframework or in a completely different/new file? If it goes in the Reframework, where does it go?

"The Dispatcher is very simple in this case – the robot should read the Excel file and add a Queue Item for each row. That would normally be a separate process that is scheduled to run before the Performer, but for simplicity and ease of testing, we will include it in the Performer.
o Let’s create a new sequence and name it Dispatcher – UploadQueue."

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Hey there @Mitchell_Binder

This is a good question.

Dispatcher/Loader bot is something that you build when you want to use your Performer/Processor bot for a list of Queue item/basically a data table.

There are two scenarios:

  1. You already have the data to be pushed into a Queue: In this case you can create a separate dispatcher and then schedule your performer bot whenever you want to take care of those queue items, it will be independent of the performer bot and will stand separately.

For example : Multiple insurance claims that are accumulated, JIRA requests, bug reports, Mass mailing etc.,

  1. While a BOT is running you have to load the queue and process it : This scenario is when you need to populate the queue as well as perform transaction in real time (Queue is for auditing/recording/compliance purposes)

Then if it is in real time you might ask why queue item? Why not just a data table with an empty status column.

Well, data table can be tampered with – but queues are in Orchestrator and only admins can access it which helps in compliance, accountability and security, also saves time as it is already done for you (you just need to push a data table)

Answer : Anywhere you want.

Answer : Depends on what your preference/scenario is. I prefer a separate dispatcher without the framework (NOTE : RE Framework is not rigid, you can edit or modify the flow however you like)

Answer : If you end up coding dispatcher in the RE Framework try changing the Labels ont he State machine components appropriately - and if you aren’t using assets then might not have the init stage at all. Like I said, it is your wish.

Not no for each row required. Just the whole data table can be pushed into a queue in the updated version.

Cheers…! :slight_smile:


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