UiDemo_InitApplication Error

Dear Team,

I am facing below problem while trying to run the InitApplications as per teh UiDemo exercise…

have also attached the Orchestator Queue snapshot…
Moreover, I have my config file setting as

can someone reply please

On the Runtime execution error can you click the down arrow next to details and post the text in that window so that we can have a stacktrace to work with?

maybe run as admin.

iam sorry i didnt get this, run as admin …can you please elaborate or give directions

If you clicked to Uidemo it work? and if robot clicked it not work?

its working till the Uidemo login…howevr iam having problems with InitApp…and that too in the Open Application activity…

maybe it helps…
I have question you are admin on this pc?

yes this is my personal comp

the earlier you shared on Stuck in UiDemo…didnt help since the query on Performer was not resolved…can you please tell me if there is an issue wth the queue name because as per the PDD initially there was supposed to be only one Queue in the Orchestrator named “QueueName” , however later i read that there is only one queue dispatcherUidemoQ …from wherr did this come or am i missing something here, please advice

Team, I resolved this…with help from a similar post “Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?” and I was making one more mistake…i kept on running the process before getting into _Test.xaml …I mean I started _Test.xaml and than ran it…it worked well

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