UiDemo and "Dispatcher - UploadQueue"

I am trying to follow the walkthrough for UiDemo, in level 3 academy.
The instructions say to prepare a sequence called “Dispatcher - UploadQueue”. I have created it, and when I run it dumps the correct number of records (106) into the specified queue.
But I don’t understand where does this sequence should be called.
I have downloaded what seems to be a solution to this exercise from here:

In it, I can see this sequence, but I don’t understand if it is called somewhere.
Can you please clarify?


You have to create two different processes like Dispatcher and Performer.

Dispatcher - It will read data from input sources and will add to Queue.

Performer - It will read one by one item from Queue and will process it.

I am confused about Dispatcher / Performer duality.
I understand that they must be two separate processes, but is this the way it is done? We create dispatcher and performer in the same project?

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what would be the point?

this would be used in a situation for instance

dispatcher checks an in box periodically in the background through the day down loads invoices, digitises them and adds the data to a queue to be validated.

the performer could be an attended bot that an end user runs, it fetches a queue item the users validates the information is correct and repeats for the rest of the queue items

I understand the reasons to have Dispatcher and Performer, but don’t understand how this is done yet. It seems you are telling me, they should be two separate projects in UiPath Studio. But in the solution provided in the github link, there is only one project which includes this sequence called “Dispatcher - UploadQueue”. Why is there, and how is it called?
Thanks to all for the patience, I really struggle with this concept.


Yes you have to create different processes only. Once both process developed then first you have to run Dispatcher process and then Performer process.

Finally you have to keep these two process folders into new folder and zip it and then upload it there for evaluation.