UiConnect - Ideas for improvements

We were brainstorming internally and there are few things that would help us to scale the usage of UiConnect (now Automation Hub… uhm…).

  • Permission side: More flexibility on the permission side (or create more groups) - Ability to create your own “roles” based on the real business need

  • Cost setup side: more user roles and / or type of resources (internal, local, vendor, offshore, ect) - e.g. at the moment you only have 1 Senior Developer for 1 country. What about internal vs external in the same country, but obviously with different rates

  • Ability to hide per “business unit”. Someone in CH country, should only see CH automation, and someone from UK only the UK ones. While some other people will want to have a global view. This could “easily” done with a flag on the user like “Business Unit view yes/no”. Tenant could be another way, but probably easier (user perspective) to have a flag

  • Have a view on the full process flow… As user you see your idea is submitted but you have no clue where it stands in the process, what is the next steps, etc.

  • Application inventory should be centrally managed (e.g. in the Admin console) only, as now anyone can add an application during the process and you end up with 5 times SAP (eg. “SAP”, “sap”, “SAP FI”, “SAP 4.6”, “SPA”)… And with a possibility to “upload” your applications (companies we are in use +5000 applications…)

  • Hierarchy is a great idea, but very manual and time consuming to update. Would also have a “Project / Initiative” layer.

  • Multi tool automation - it is not only about RPA. If the name goes for Automation Hub, then… let’s include OCR, Chatbot or simply VBA automation if that’s the best fit for purpose…

Hope it all makes sense :slight_smile:
And… we are great fan of the platform so keep going…

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Hi @mathieu.pauwels,
Sorry for lack of response to you. Please remember that you can use UserVoice section from Forum’s upper menu and create feedback there :slight_smile:

Anyway thank you for feedback. I will move your post there as well as I will inform proper team about your feedback :slight_smile: