uiAutomation package installation error

Previously I have uninstalled the UiAutomation package mistakenly from my project. After that I have tried several times to reinstall that package again but its prompting so many errors. I thought that coursed because of some firewall blockings. Therefor I have requested and got direct internet access from the infrastructure team. It is also failed with the same error. then I tried to upgrade system activities package to see if this is happening to this package also. also the same error occurred to that package. Iā€™m not able to solve this process. Need your argent support on this matter. Failed screens attached below.

Hi @Harsha_Madhushan

Could you show us a screenshot of the package feeds that you have active in your Package Manager settings? (the ones with a checkbox checked).

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Please find the below package manager setting feed screens

I can see that you have the old Studio version:

Could you try updating to 20.10 and see if that fixes the issue?