UIAutomation Actives 20.10.8 Not Start GUI Scripting SAP

Hi, we having problems using typeinto text actives in sap, we are using the uiautomation actives 18.4.4 package we have no problems capturing the sap selectors and the sap script is running normally, but if we update the package to the latest version of UIAutomation Actives 20.10 .8 it does not identify the sap selectors or enable the sap script, we identified that there was an update in the active of type into however we are not able to identify the reason to stop identifying the SAP selectors

Hello @Luciano_Matos Do you mean during the execution its failing to Type into due to the unknown selector or you are not able to identify the element for Typeinto during the scripting?

I hoped you are using the modern designer, if yes, can you try to inspect on that element using the App/Web recorder. First it will ask to indicate the scope, then you need to Typeinto the field which you want.

Try that and please update here.

hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, exactly during the execution after the login when I type the sap transaction, the type into does not identify the selector, according to the image when I am in the most current package even with the modern activity it does not identify the selectors and does not talk to the sap script, ja in the previous version of uiautomation actives18.4.4 up to 19.11.2 the sap script runs normally and identifies the fields

Hello @Luciano_Matos Did you try restarting the SAP and uipath after the update?

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan yes,I believe it is some incompatibility with the environment in this new version of active but what it is I don’t know

@Luciano_Matos Please cross-check the SAP GUI scripting is enabled on the server-side. Also are you able to action anything on SAP or nothing is not working with autoamtion?

the script is active, I have other robots that run in the same environment, only these robots that are having this problem because of the new package

@Luciano_Matos Then can you try to downgrade the version to the lower stable version.

yes,we are realizing downgrade version lower stable 19.11.2, but the concern is when we migrate these bots to modern activities

@Luciano_Matos During the migration to modern activities, you will have to do some modifications to make it work and to resolve the errors as part of the upgrade.

Can see many posts based on this in forum.