UiArd still valid?

I have done my certification few months back,as i see that UiArd is no longer available in pearson vue is my certification still valid and i am confused

Hi @Nithisha_Mandapalli_543 ,

It is still valid and will be upto next 3 years :

Hi @Nithisha_Mandapalli_543

Im not sure about the time period but it vaild for next 3 years

Starting from October 13, 2023, all UiPath Certified Professional Certifications, including the newly introduced, Automation Developer Associate and Automation Developer Professional, will hold a validity period of 3 years, starting from the date of credential achievement.
For the retired certifications, namely the RPA Associate and Advanced RPA Developer, their validity will extend for three years from the launch date of the new certifications, Automation Developer Associate and Automation Developer Professional.

Please refer the below link for all details

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