UiARD question: "...Based on best practices, where should the Director's email account information be stored?

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I am a little uncertain why they did not include it in Studio REFramework Template, but they always linked to this git repo and asked users to download the GetAppCredentials.xaml file.
ReFrameWork/Framework at master · UiPath/ReFrameWork · GitHub

How does GetAppCredentials.xaml work?
With that file invoked you get access to two things, your local windows vault or Orchestrator Credential asset. Say you have a Credential named GoogleCred in your windows valut, the GetAppCredentials.xaml first looks at that windows valut for GoogleCred if it exists, it fetches the username and password. If it does not exist, it looks for GoogleCred from Orchestrator credential asset (provided you have an Credential asset with name GoogleCred)

Alternative is to use Get Credential Asset activity, which only looks for Credential asset name in Orchestrator tenant and returns you the username and password.

According to my understanding the documentation that time was not correct. I do not know if they have fixed it in the new version of REFramework ( UiPath Community & Enterprise 2021.10 Release - REFramework - News / Release Notes - UiPath Community Forum).
In my view and the logic in InitAllSetting.xaml assets sheet in config.xlsx must be described as Assets: Values defined as assets (except Credential Assets) in Orchestrator.

Yes, you can define your credential name in Settings sheet. The name will be one of the key value pairs in Config dictionary. Then it is upto you as a developer to either use Get Credential Asset or GetAppCredentials.xaml and pass it Config(“YourCredentialAssetKey”).ToString.

Summary :
In short other assets can be fetched by the Get Asset activity in a for loop in InitAllSettings and their name will be added as key to Config their value will be updated as value in the corresponding index in the config.

For Credential asset, do not use the Assets page (unless you have modified you REFramework to handle credential assets as well)

Hope this clears things up for you and others :slight_smile:

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