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Hi i will send some of questions pls reply me quickly

What is the purpose of wait for ready property:

  1. specifies the amt of time to wait for the activity to run before an error is thrown
  2. specifies to continue the remain activi even if the current activity is failed
  3. Before performing the actions waits for the target to become ready

how can a robot start an app in citrix

  1. cmd line
    double click on desktop
    3.usig open app activvity
  2. By defining a shortcut key of the app and then trigering the app with send hot key act

Which Email are del if you use GET IMAP mail messages with delete messages property set to true?

  1. The ones in the list that is ret by the Get IMAP Mail Message Activity
  2. Only the mails that were marked as perviously read
  3. There is no delete messgae property for Get IMAP message Activity.this opt is available for Get Exchange Mail message

At the end of exe of wrkflow which ret some items from a db is the db closed automatically?

i didnt get this, which db

At the end of execution of workflow1, which reterivies some items from db, is the db connection closed automatically?

  1. yes, the connection is closedafter 30 seconds?
  2. The connection has to be closed using a disconnect activity
  3. The only Db admin can decide this aspect

its given frm a db


@KarthikBallary Don’t share the academy questions

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@KarthikBallary You can have look Here @PrankurJoshi explained well.

no no no…
pls dont do this again @KarthikBallary, its more like prompting
thanks @indra

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Okay, I haven’t worked on email automation, orchestrate, and using free version so thought of it. Ok will learn and take


Thats the spirit
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @KarthikBallary

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But I dont have enterprise edition. How Can I attend enterprise related questions.
Is der any other option than advanced certification
I mean of lower level certification

usually both enterprise and community edition wont differ in the STUDIO and its activities
so what you used in community edition will be the same been used in enterprise as well

Thank You!!

@KarthikBallary Community edition will have more activities compare to enterprises edition

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