UiActivities in Machine

Hi! A bot was created and later deployed in a Production Environment (Machine, which is a remote desktop). The problem is that it has UiAutomation Activities and in order for the bot to run without errors the screen that has that bot has to be on. Is it possible to run a bot without the machine that has the bot being on? Just pressing play in the UiAssistant, closing that Machine and having it run on its own


May I know why you want to close the machine while process is running ?

It’s not possible.

We can’t close the machine while Bot running instead you can minimize it.

If you don’t want to login before triggering the Bot then use Unattended Bot license. If you use this licence then Bot only will login to Robot machine to execute the process and will sign out automatically post execution completed.

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@Daniela_Valdez_Luis It looks like you don’t have unattended license to run the bot . If you have this license it can run the process even you log out from the machine.

And yes it is not possible to make the bot to run on its own after running the process through UiPath Assistant since it is made for attended automations

There is something called Picture in Picture mode which run the attended automations in a isolated windows session but again for this you should login to the server. Please go through below link for more info

HI @Daniela_Valdez_Luis

You must need an unattended license to achieve this. You can discuss your needs here

Basicaly if you close\minimize the screen it will definitely throw an error ,So with the attended process screen must in the foreground in order to run the process