UiAcademy - Advanced - Generate Yearly Raport


i,ve just finised the last exercice from the advanced formation - “Generate Yearly Raports”.
When i run it (complet process) - it takes 16 minutes to finish it (i had 14 items in my queue (with WI4)).
It is too much ? It seems long …


Buddy @lardio

Well congrats you completed that exercise buddy…and i dont think so that it has taken more time…stilll its good. and there would no issues with queues and handling the transaction from that may be you can have a look at the below points that could help you buddy

  1. First if there is any usage of nested if condition or nested loop condition, try to avoid that buddy instead use flowchart decision, sometimes it may take more time than usual
  2. Then if there are any delay activity been used along the workflow, remove them as that would reduce the speed of the process execution instead you can use on element appear or on image appear…
  3. If you are workbook activities to handle excel files kindly make use excel application scope and excel activities as they are exclusively made for excel and can make the process of handling the data in excel in much faster way than in workbook activities
  4. if you are using any OCR activities that would probably increase the time taken as OCR activities takes more time and are the slowest process among the full text and native text…so if you are trying to scrape any text try to avoid OCR unless its a image, go for Full text which is the fastest of all
  5. While type into activity been used if anywhere, use simulate type property rather to go with sendwindowmessages or neither of them i.e., dont go with default method which is the slowest method of giving input. so use simulate type unless you are passing any hot key with the string…if you are passing no other go we have to use sendwindow message
    6.Make sure that the loops are made perfect and use break wherever needed that could break the unwanted iteration within the loop
    7.And finally make sure your system has enough memory in the disk, as it might some times slow the process running time and thus leading to take so much time to execute or it sometimes lead to process termination as well

Thats all buddy
Hope this would help you
Kindly correct me if have mentioned any thing wrong
or if this helps you resolve your issue…Happy
Cheers @lardio