Ui selector issue-Urgent

Hi @Nithinkrishna

please help on this

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It says the browser tab you are trying to find is not found.

  1. Check your browser is open
  2. Make sure the selector is right especially the title attribute
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Hi @mitul_choudhary ,

In selector make title = “*”

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Pls ensure the below points

— in OPEN BROWSER activity see which browser is chosen
It is IE by default so make sure you have chosen chrome
— if it is chrome been selected then make sure that window is in foreground and not the other application
Which means ensure that the application is visible on screen only then attach window will work and In order to get this place the attach browser activity next to open browser

—and finally if all the above mentioned is done already then try to re-indicate the browser page with ATTACH BROWSER activity
You can do this by clicking the three lines in the activity which will show the options and click on indicate element and try once again and run the bot

Cheers @mitul_choudhary

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