Ui Selector can't reach opened new browser instance

Hi! I have a problem with Ui automation, I have a process that the web I used is going to pop up a browser with dynamic URL which I need to automate inside the new pop up too. but the new pop up quickly went background after 2 UIautomate activity, which the next uiautomate activity can’t reach the browser that went background and gives error.
any solutions?

Hello @ibnu.alem

  1. Attach to New Browser:
  • Immediately after the pop-up opens, use “Attach Browser” to focus on the new browser window.
  1. Use Simulate Properties:
  • In your UI automation activities, enable the “Simulate Type” or “Simulate Click” properties to prevent focus loss.
  1. Introduce Delays:
  • Add small “Delay” activities before interacting with elements in the pop-up to allow it to fully load.
  1. Window Management:
  • If needed, use “Activate Window” or “Set Focus” activities to bring the pop-up to the foreground.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @ibnu.alem

Use another Use application\browser activity and indicate the popup. Inside this use application\browser activity insert the Ui activities that you want to do operation in the popup.

Hope it helps!!

you can also use Full selectors when pop up’s top level selector is changing

  1. Attach Browser not working
  2. I tried using both Simulate and Hardware event on the main Use Browser, not working
  3. delay not working
  4. activate windows not working

the browser just suddenly went background after the click settings activity, as you can see the above ui automation activity just works fine, is the problem the get attribute activity?

the new browser URL is dynamic, can you elaborate?


Can you please check the window selector in your get attribute activity……looks the like the window selector is changing after clicking settings as get attribute works on back ground and no ui element coming to foreground is needed


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