UI Robot connected but license is not working

Hi there,

I’m trying to use my first robot but I’ve a problem with licensing. Althougt it is connected, the license is not working. I found a similar case here and the problem was the machine name used had a mistake but this it seems not be the same case.

Orchestrator and “machine” are windows computers in a workgroup, not in a domain. Could it be the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

@angel.fontana Have you set-up the robot in your local machine with machine key from orchestrator?

Hi @Sugumar8785, thanks for your quick reply.
I think the robot is set-up correctly:

User NC-ROBOT-RPA0\Robot1 has been added to remote desktop users… Not sure if I have to set up anything else…


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As i see there is License allotted, can you remove those and check

Also allot Studio Pro license instead of Studio if you are using community edition

Hope this helps you


@angel.fontana You have done it correctly in Orchestrator. Could you please check if the robot is using the same machine key.

You can probably, disconnect it and connect again by producing the machine key.

Hi @Sugumar8785 @ksrinu070184,
Sorry guys, I was not able last days.

About license, not sure what kind of license I requested… Something related to “Thank you for signing up for UiPath Enterprise for on-premises free 60 days trial”

@Sugumar8785 I don’t find where to check if Robot is using the same machine key. I just copied it from the admin console to UI settings in the computer…

Thanks again for your help.



Goto windows Search->UiPath Assistant->OrchestratorSettings->Take a screenshot of that settings

For Sugumar checking process:
Open Orchestrator->Tenant->Machines->Click on Three dots next to the machine->Edit->You will see the Machine Key->Validate that with the Orchestrator settings you placed

Hope this helps you



it seems to be ok… I think…