UI path will not Type into the body of the outlook email

Im stuck. When trying to type into the body of an outlook email, i am receiving an error that it ‘Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:’

i have tried raplacing titles with wild cards and such. I can see the indicator click in the field but nothing will type


Instead of UI elements and TypeInto, why don’t you use Get Outlook Message, Send Outlook Message, which will work on background, Instead of UI

Check below for your reference




Unfortunately, due to my agency security policies the UI Path outlook activities are not available, There for i have to resort to Type into and clicks.


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Instead of typing u can try with copy paste method

Pass the same string u wanna type to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and then use a SEND HOTKEY activity where mention the key as ctrl+v
This will paste the value where u want to type

Cheers @Waterfowl_Waterfowl_hunte

Hi @Waterfowl_Waterfowl_hunte - Can you modify your selector like below. You can uncheck the unnecessary attributes by opening the selector in UiExplorer.

<wnd app='outlook.exe' cls='something' title='*'
<wnd cls='_WwB' title='*'/>

Avoid idx values in the selectors