UI Path Studio uninstaled and got errors - Please mark as solved. Thanks

I was having a great deal of issues with my browsers and the UI Path extensions to the point I could no longer successfully open the Browsers. I decided to uninstall UI path Community edition and attempted to re-install it. I received an error saying to check my log files, which means nothing to me when I opened the file. I have attached the file and hopefully someone can help me because I am dead in the water at this point.

I also tried to sign up with a different gmail account and still got the error.


SquirrelSetup.zip (3.7 KB)

This next file is the error when I used a new sign up account
SquirrelSetup2.zip (4.2 KB)

HI @MaryB2019

I downloaded the files you have shared. However, it looks like the files are corrupted and is not opening. Can you re share the two files

How do I share the two when I clicked email it said I needed to specify an address.


MaryBSquirrelSetup.log.pdf (149.3 KB)

SquirrelSetup2.log.pdf (195.2 KB)

Fernando, I just tried to read the log file and it mentioned other apps running so I shut down everything and it is now in the process of installing.

Thanks MaryB