UI Path Studio 2017 to Orchestrator 2016



Hi ,

Is it possible to integrate a robot that is provisioned on Orchestrator 2016 version in the UI path Studio of 2017 version.
Steps Followed:
Created a new Robot in Orchestrator 2016 vesrion
Obtained the new Robot key and Orchestrator URL.
Tried to connect from UI path Robot setting by providing Machine Name , Robot Key , and Orchestrator URL.
Clicked on Connect and It throws an error : Not found



It’s been a while since we did this at my company, but I think you have to go into the robot settings on each provisioned machine and change a conf file to point to orchestrator 2016. Definitely doable though, because that’s what we’ve got in prod right now.

From the system tray, right click the UiRobot icon, click the cogwheel in the upper right, settings, and it’s somewhere in there. Note that this will require admin.