UI Path Role-based certification postponed until 30th June 2019!

Hello everyone!

I would like to share a great news about UI Path Certification :

UI Path postponed the free certification until 30th June 2019! as follow below :


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Looks like its free till September 30th 2019 now

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Hey @Vineet2, It’s free till December 31st 2019 :

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Hi @DiegoTurati

What is role based certification?
is it different from uipath academy level 1,2 and 3 certifications?

Hi @Karun, yes it’s different ! When you do Ui Path academy you learn and can take your advanced certification! This role based is the official UiPath certification! You have 3 tentatives! In order to get this one you need to do a quiz and if you pass you need to do the practical exam itself. Go in the website , create your account and you can see more details about this exam. In the user profile area

Hope i could clarify!

~Diego Turati

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Thanks, @DiegoTurati for sharing the information

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