UI path robot unable to click on dropdown submenu when action done in loop

Hello team,

I have a dropdown menu as :-
Order >
package option (robot has to click here)

robot is somehow not able to click on loop but sometimes it does.
I have to run this sequence 30 time sometimes it successfully clicks all 30 times, but sometimes it fails .


Which activity are you using to perform this ?

If you are using Click Image Activity, it is likely the image recognition mix up Package and Package option label. upping the accuracy a little could help (or simple also capturing the upper label and click bottom).

In case this would not be related to image recognition could you send us your selector for both elements ?

You can also consider adding a small delay between the two clicks to see if it is helping



No it is like a navigation sub menu. I navigate to menu , inside menu I navigate to sub menu on hover and then finally click on a link. Robot does it correctly but sometimes it fails.

is this a desktop based application or a website?


it may be that the drop down is created dynamically and while uipath is clicking the element, the javascript event is not yet attached to the object. on the other hand you could try playing with the click type (toogle simulate click etc.). it may work