UI Path Production Deployment JSON Issue Discussion @Confrence 18th Jan


Today i queries one point in confrence JSON file should be dynamic with you. @TejusVenkatesh , i faced this issue many times and i know how to solve it… also discussed with @mounika whatever she has given solution i know… my concern is that for example new developer come but he dont much aware of UI path simple he will copy the BOT from test to production but something issue with the version from test to production then definetly he will get json issue he dont know how to solve it may be he will try to edit json file or create Main project and will create new json file then publish… buti think so this is not the best pratice, because if i have more than 20 workfloe invoke methods then its not easy to do it… so in this situation json should be dynamic when it will get the new version it should be automatically updated…or due to any change it should be dynamically updated…


@nilekha You were interested in discussing this topic. :slight_smile:


@nilekha @TejusVenkatesh no one has replied… today also i migrated from one ROBOT to another ROBOT…same again i observed json issue…is there any alternate method to solve this if it is not dynamic…


@ashishkumarsingh1 Sorry for the delayed response. You will have to make sure the backward compatibility will not be feasible. No software will be able to manage it. When we talk about having the dynamic Json, its the main configuration file and we need to have a complete control over it to what keys can go. So having is completely dynamic will not be possible. For the issue you are facing can you let me know in which version the project was build and which version of Studio are you trying to migrate.