UI path overwriting .xlsx attachments with same name while downloading from outlook

Hi guys! I am currently a intern at a local company. Currently, when I use Get Outlook activity with the filter: Top but it will overwrite the latest excel file on Wednesday and Tuesday and getting the same excel file document on Monday as when I use Top 3 from Wednesday to Monday when downloading the attachments from outlook, so is there any solution or answer for that, I am kind of stuck here… below is the scenario I faced…

Here is my scenario:

Monday I have this attachment excel files sent from a dept: Revised Vivo, JEM, JCube, Bugis.xlsx

Tuesday I have another attachment excel files with the same name on Monday sent from the same dept: JEM.xlsx

Wednesday I have this attachment excel file with the same name on Monday sent from the same dept: Bugis.xlsx


@phoenix123 If you are downloading on Monday give mondays date if you are downloading on Tuesday give Tuesday date for file name

Hi @phoenix123,

Don’t store the files in a common directly directly. Instead, while saving the files from the email, save them to a folder having the day’s current date within that same common path.

That way, when you are reading the data as well, you can pick the files from the folder based on current date; And will also leave you with archived data for each date that you received the input for.

Hopefully this helps. Let us know what works for you and what doesn’t!

Abdullah Nasir Jamal