UI Path or Microsoft made Download File from URL Activity

I need to download a file daily from a URL. I can do this the long way by opening the browser, putting in the URL and downloading the file like a regular user would. Our team asked me to find an activity that would simplify this process.

I’ve been through the forums, UI Path website and google and found one activity that does download the file directly. However, it was created by a UI Path user and not by UI Path or Microsoft (or another known vendor). Our team does not want to put something into production written by someone we do not know.

I was curious is anyone was aware of an activity from UI Path or Microsoft that I may have missed that allows you to download a file from a URL directly.


Usually UiPath user whose component before getting published will go for many number of testing by our uipath team
Only then it will be published to use in the market
So we can use that with 100% surety

And moreover we can do this process with simple activities like
—use OPEN BROWSER activity and pass the url
—inside the url use CLICK activity to click on the download link
—use TYPE INTO activity to mention the file name while save as window appears

And publish this process to a orchestrator so that we can run this SCHEDULE under TRIGGER Option
And this downloading files from that url in daily basis
Cheers @steven.malone

Palaniyappan you did not answer Steven’s main question.
Instead of one file being downloaded, how about 100+ files to download from a table.
I have 100+ urls from the table and I want a way that I can download the files to my local computer by calling a UIPath approved package/activity instead of trying to use the CLICK activity.

We ended up using an Open Browser command with the customized URL. It is not nearly as elegant as the third-party created solution available, but unless UI Path, Microsoft or some other “official” vendor releases something similar it will not pass a production code review.

The best I can recommend would be a For Each or Flowchart (our senior programmer prefers us using the later over the former).

Just for fun, I tried to achieve this using the HTTP Request activity (UiPath.Web.Activities.HttpClient) with no success.

I agree @steven.malone. A first-party activity to access a resource at the end of a URL would be way cleaner than writing a bot to navigate a UI and download it.

UPDATE: I was able to get this working with an HTTP Request activity after all.

After configuring the request URL and parameters in the HTTP Request Wizard, I selected the “Download Resource” option at the bottom of the “Response” tab. After selecting a destination directory and selecting “OK”, it’s relatively simple to go back and adjust the file name with string concatenation to accomodate multiple downloads.


helps a lot, thanks.

This Jira Package contains Download All Files activity: Jira Wizard - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

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