UI path no robot button


I’ve downloaded UI Path studio some time ago and managed to record a set of actions. afterwards, when trying to configure them to run automatically, i managed to sign into Orchestrator and access the webpage but i am unable to find any robot button.
Tried looking around for the option but i do not seem to have all the options/buttons showed in the tutorials and i’m wondering, did i get the wrong version ?
I’ve installed the community edition.

Robot is connected to orchestraror using machine key or interactive login? The robot should show up in the Automation tab and regarding your process, you need to publish it to see it in the packages section first, then you can create the process out of it

The below documentation might help

Hello @mihai.milea - Welcome to the forums.

You are in a Modern folder and Robots are assigned to Users in modern folders instead of being hard wired to a specific Robot machine. This optimizes your license and activates it only when the user is connected to the Orchestrator to run an automation via interactive sign in.

You can click on the Tenant item (two steps up in your screen shot) to view the Robot option.

You can also lookup the following topics to understand how Modern folders work most specifically:

Interactive Sign in Vs Machine Key
Machine Templates

Here is an example. An interactive user has been assigned one Attended Robot and one UnAttended Robot using Machine templates.

In Attended mode, the Robot is assigned the Domain\Username as autogen\UserLogin.
But in the UnAttended mode, the Robot will need credentials of the user machine from where the Unattended automations have to be triggered.

Both these specs are defined in a Machine template, and this template is assigned to the user.

Another item to note is that in the case of Attended Robots, a large number of attended automations users can be assigned to a group by assigning their roles into a single group and that group can be assigned to a machine template.



Yes, i see it now, i’ll go through the documentation and see what i can set up, thanks !