Ui-path is unable to fill more than 65 columns at a time . Is it a constraint?

I Have a project on hand where the data from a source file has to be extracted and pasted to another file in the same row . The file to which it has to bee pasted has got 3000 columns . I have completed the automation ,but they are getting pasted only to columns withing count of 65 and not more . I would like to know if this is a constraint in UI ,Or is there a way to fix it .Can someone please try the same in your studio and let me know what results you get ?

Hi @rparvat4

I do not think there is any such constraint.

Can you attach a workflow or screenshot of the condition where and how you have pasted the rows.


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If you give more details it would be helpful.
What is the source file? How you are copying the data?

As Prankur said, there is no constraint on columns.

Karthik Byggari

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